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Fake Office is a nonprofit art initiative, publisher and project space, aiming to foster collective narratives that showcase diverse paradigms of contemporary creative expression.
Agiou Markou 15, Athens 10560, Greece.  info@fake-office.com   ︎

Fake Office / Projects
Untitled Lands
presented at the group show Transformations / Episode 4,
curated by miss dialectic, made in collaboration with hush—hush
Fake Office / Space
AM zine: GAIA  launch event
AM is a zine of literature, poetry and theory texts that exist in the public domain, created by AM Printed Club, artists Lito Kattou and Petros Moris. GAIA, the 4th installment of the zine, launched at Fake Office Space together with  limited edition survival cards designed by the artists, accompanied by a mixtape compiled by Fake Office.
Fake Office / Projects
F.A.R. Radio 
Between 3–8 of December 2020, during the Covid-19 social restrictions weeks, art collective 3 137 launched F.A.R. Radio, a temporary radio station with a diverse program discussing the present and future of Athens. Fake Office was invited to observe the project and present a video capturing the essence of those troubling days.
Fake Office / Projects
Restrainig Orders
visual mixtape
Tracklist: Clipping. - Inside Out, TNGHT - Dolla, Alina Pash - Zhenmin Zhibao (Aqua Vita cover), Toxe - Kiss Kis, Peggy Gou - Han Jan, Actress - Surfer's Hymn, O'Flynn - Eleve, Marie Davidson - Lara (Daniel Avery remix), Bicep - Atla, Locked Club - Doschitai, S-Type - Gazelle